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In-Person Needlepoint Classes

Elevate your stitching skills in a class setting through a variety of in person classes.  Gain access to expert techniques, customized stitch graphs, tips & tricks and more taking your needlepoint to new heights.

  • Individualized attention in a classroom setting

  • A  variety of learning modalities will be used to reach everyone's learning style while teaching the proper techniques of needlepoint

  • Stitching demonstrations will be provided during classes, as needed, to guide you through your stitching

  • The students understanding of reading stitch graphs will be enhanced 

  • Enjoy spending time together with fellow stitchers who share your love for needlepoint

stitching class as group
view of the in person class

A Year in Stitches 

A Year in Stitches is a yearlong, monthly class series where you will learn 4 new, exciting, decorative stitches each month corresponding to a specific, designated monthly theme or effect.  I use a variety of exquisite, specialty threads, ribbons, beads, techniques, custom stitch guides, and more each month. Working through this class, you will create your reference stitch sample binder with 48 stitches, 48 graphs, and any detailed, personal notes.  


Every year is comprised of new stitches with no duplication. Great joy is found in this unique class experience, whether virtually or in person, through the development of wonderful relationships with other students in the class who will be together throughout the year. I can’t tell you how many times I have had students say they look forward to this class/day of the month... it is the highlight of their month! I hope you will contact one of the 6 collaborating shops to join us.

For existing members view the A Year In Stitches Video Recap series.

Private Lessons

Price: $50 / Hr

For those wanting a more personal, hands-on experience, I offer private lessons, both in person and virtual via Zoom, to address any of your stitching questions.  This is a great opportunity to receive suggestions and guidance on stitch choices, thread selection, embellishments, and more.


I am also equipped to demonstrate and teach you techniques that could include beading, ribbon work, detailed stitches and more.  I am available to offer these private lessons in my home, virtually or in collaboration with any LNS I am visiting.

private lessons with stefanie

Upcoming Classes

Studio Time

This is a great time for your to purchase a new project or bring your own, receive personalized consultation on how to embellish your project.

When:  Thursday, June 20th
            1:30 - 3:30

Forest Acres Needlepoint (Columbia, SC)

In person class bag creation

Sample Canvas

Moving Beyond Basketweave

If you are wanting to move past the beautiful basketweave stitch and learn how to read graphs while learning a few new stitches, then this is a great class for you

When:  Friday, July 19th 

            10:00 - 12:00

Where:  The Joy of Needlepoint                 studio (Greenville, SC)

Knots Class

Contact: The NeedleTree at 864.235.6060

Santa Claus is Coming to Town

When:  Wednesday, July 31st 

            10:00 - 3:00 (lunch included)

Where:  2's Company Needlepoint

             Rock Hill, SC

Contact:  2's Company Needlepoint

Santa Clause
merry Christmas stitch product

Bring Your Canvas to Life (studio time)

Date: August 20th, October 8th
Time: 10:00AM - 12:00 PM
Location: Needlepoint Lane, Spartanburg, SC 

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