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Needlepoint Stitching is a Lifestyle!

Join us on March 6-7, 2025 for Needlepoint Palooza in Greenville, SC. Whether you're a seasoned stitcher or just starting your needlepoint journey, this immersive, instructional, friendly event offers something for everyone. Discover new techniques, and connect with fellow enthusiastic stitchers. 

Bring your needlepoint to life with custom stitch guides, exquisite threads, instruction & more.

Here you will find a wide range of custom stitch guides created to give you the confidence and the tools to bring your needlepoint project to life.  Take the time to explore all the custom, digital guides, a few physical products and virtual class offerrings.

created hen using stitch guides
Explore Offerings

What I Provide

Virtual Classes

I have been teaching virtually now for over 2 years and have found ways to make this an enjoyable, educational and personal experience. 

In-Person Classes

Over the past 3 years, I have been fortunate to collborate with my LNS's and others offering a wide variety of classes.

Private Lessons

For those wanting a more personal, hands-on class, I offer private and semi-private lessons to address any of your stitching questions. 

Custom Stitch Guides

Here you will find unique, easy to follow stitch guides for beginners to intermediate stitchers with colorfully graphed stitches.

My custom designed and created stitch guides will lead you through your needlepoint projects with ease.

Why not elevate your stitching while bringing your canvas to life with my digital guides? Gain access to expertly graphed stitches, innovative patterns and unique fiber selections for a wide range of guides for numerous needlepoint designers canvses. (designers canvases are not included)

Digital Stitch guides

Best Sellers:
Custom Stitch Guides

Physical Products

Take your stitching to the next level through class instruction while surrounded by  an amazing community of needlepoint stitchers.
Register for an In Person or Virtual Class

Stitching Class: Hands-On Instruction in Person

Skill development

My classes are designed to take your stitching skills to the next level with confidence and joy. Whether you're a beginner or  experienced.

 In-Person class for stitch guide

Personalized Attention

Unlike crowded classrooms, I believe in personalized attention for each student, by keeping my virtual class size to a minimum. 

learning Stitching as group

Creative Expression

While expressing your individualized creativity, style  and vision through thread selection and stitch choices, you are sure to grow in confidence along your stitching journey.

Join My Classes

A Year in Stitches is a yearlong, monthly class series where you will learn 4 new, exciting, decorative stitches that correspond with a  designated monthly theme or effect.  I incorporate into each class a variety of exquisite, specialty threads, ribbons, beads, techniques and more each month.  As you work through this class, you will create  your  own reference binder complete with 48 stitched samples, 48 graphs and any detailed, personal notes.  Every year is comprised of new stitches with little to no duplication. Great joy is found in this unique class experience through the development of wonderful relationships with other students in the class who will be together throughout the year. I can’t tell you how many times I have had students say they look forward to this class / day the mos... it is the highlight of their month! I hope you will reach out to one of the 6 collaborating shops to join us.

AYearInStitches_By Stefanie Chase
private lessons for stitching

Private Lessons

For those wanting a more personal, hands-on class, I offer private and semi-private lessons to address any of your stitching questions.  This is a great opportunity to receive suggestions and guidance on stitch choices, thread selection, embellishments and more.  I am also equipped to demonstrate and teach you techniques that could include beading, ribbon work, detailed stitches and more

Price: $50 / Hr

Private Lessons


in person class at needle point

I have really enjoyed the Year in Stitches class series

You are very patient with the various levels of stitchers. Provided a bullion needle for the knots class…game changer!! Your verbal clues/tips are very clear and easy to follow. Well worth taking this class. Thank You

unknown student (not shown in photo)

About Me

I have over 20 years of experience stitching needlepoint.

Stefanie Chase, The Joy of Needlepoint, is a native of South Carolina residing in Greenville. As a young child I began cross stitching , moved to knitting and then to Needlepoint close to 20 years ago. Teaching brings me great joy through interpersonal, hands-on instruction with each student in hopes of bringing confidence to the student. The special relationships developed with students, shop owners and designers has been a beautiful blessing and brings me great joy.                          Do More of What Brings You Joy

needlepoint coach stefanie chase
stefanie chase needlepoint


If you have any questions regarding private lessons, class scheduling or custom stitch guides, please give me a call or email me. I’d love to talk with you about any of the above.

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